General Material & Installation Specifications



A. General: Comply with manufacturer’s written installation instructions. Install units rigid, straight, plumb, and level. Provide clearances of not more than 1/2” between pilasters and panels, and not more than 1” between panels and walls.

  1. Secure panels to walls and panels with not less than 2 stirrup brackets attached near top and bottom of panel. Locate wall brackets so holes for wall anchors occur in masonry or tile joints. Align brackets at pilasters with brackets at walls.

B. Overhead Braced and Floor Anchored Compartments: Secure pilasters to floor and level, plumb, and tighten. Secure continuous head rail to each pilaster with not less than 2 fasteners. Hang doors and adjust so tops of doors are parallel with overhead brace when doors are in closed position.

C. Floor Anchored Screens: Attach with anchoring devices according to manufacturer’s written instructions and to suit supporting structure.


A. Hardware Adjustment: Adjust and lubricate hardware according to manufacturer’s written instructions for proper operation. Set hinges on inswing doors to hold open approximately 30 degrees from closed position when unlatched. Set hinges on outswing doors and swing doors in entrance screens to return to fully closed position. Clean exposed surfaces.

B. Provide final protection and maintain conditions that ensure toilet compartments and screens are not damaged during the construction process.