Material Types

SUNBURST (special order series)

SunburstAtlanta Sunbelt Products special order series compartments set the architectural standard by offering unlimited color flexibility combined with the finest quality product line. Special order series compartments are the ideal solution for all types of public facilities. Several hundred colors and patterns are available enabling architects and designers the ability to use durable plastic laminates without compromising color designs. Panels and doors are a full 1 inch thick and pilasters are 1-1/4” thick. Standard hardware is chrome plated institutional quality.

Stainless steel hardware, chrome plated brass hardware, and continuous hardware are available at extra cost. Our lead times for this product line are the quickest in the industry. Over the years we have proven our ability to produce special orders quickly without unnecessary upcharges. Better service, enhanced color selection and quick delivery do not translate to extended lead times and higher costs with Sunburst series compartments.