Material Types

ECLIPSE (phenolic core components)

EclipsePhenolic material is a solid plastic material made of laminate color sheets thermally fused to a phenolic core. The color sheets are fused, under heat and pressure, to the core to form a solid sheet. Solid core products are ideal for areas that require extreme durability. Virtually unbreakable and waterproof, they can be used in wet areas or areas that require hose down cleaning. Abusive areas can rely on the strength of the core to eliminate breakage. Unlike other solid plastic materials, phenolic core color selection is unlimited.

The same range of colors and patterns are available for phenolic that are available for any plastic laminate. With unlimited color selection, architects and designers can achieve the color coordination in their designs without sacrificing the desirable properties of a solid plastic. Doors and pilasters are 3/4” thick and panels are 1/2” thick. Standard hardware is stainless steel. Continuous stainless and continuous aluminum brackets and hinges are available as an extra cost option.